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5 Plantain Chips

Chalé!!! It’s like something is happening on my inside, and no I am not hungry! Behave Yourself!!! It just feels as if a worm…maybe butterflies…ok a caterpillar is crawling on my insides. You know that middle ground where on one side you have this unexplainable feeling of excitement and yet on the other side you can’t help yourself but be afraid? You have this unreasonable sense of fear? Well, that is exactly where I am standing today. Today the 25th of September 2021 for the first time since I relocated to the UK, I am on my way to an event with sticky toffee pudding I baked, waiting to be plated and served to well deserving customers. Who would have thought!

From my humble kitchen in my parents’ house, my kitchen…I was bound to get to this point sooner or later because I couldn’t monopolise my parents’ kitchen forever - I mean my family had to eat at a point, the hunger…the anger was real!!! I got to that point, the “It is time I created my own space!” With nothing other than 5 bags of plantain chips, I remember I started pinning all these boards on Pinterest because come on! This is Nii!! That kitchen cannot be ordinary! Ordinary does not give glory to God! Can I get an amen!

Just like the 5 loaves of bread and 3 fish, I know, and I have seen how God is able to take what we have in our hands and magnify it, magnify it into something bigger than anything our human minds could ever fathom, ask or think, bigger than our circumstances at that time. So, my question to you today is “What do you have in your hand?”

Those 5 bags of plantain chips were magnified and work on “Niis Gourmet Factory” began. But I struggled, being a creative and not wanting the ordinary, the ideas and concepts I had in my head just didn’t match the capabilities of the artisans I had available to me at that time. They just didn’t get it! They didn’t understand why I was “being some way” with the finishing and why I insisted that the distance around my island be equal, or why it had to be a particular height, they didn’t even understand why at all I wanted to have a whole cupboard …island in the middle of the kitchen, where was I going to pound my fufu? Now can you understand the different wave lengths we were on?? So, I had to halt construction - the stress was not worth it.

And then I got introduced to Jacob, Jacob…now he was heaven sent, well until he allowed himself to be used by the enemy! Just know that now my eyes are squinting, and my teeth are clenched, yes, I am sweating, and my heart is beating very quickly…Jacob! You see he understood the assignment, oh he understood! excellent finishing and detailing, measurements on point, I didn’t have to talk much you know.

Everything was rosy well, until we discussed the final aspects i wanted him to work on, I am weird I know, but I like things neatly tucked away, yet in plain sight. Let me explain, for storage I wouldn’t want shelves but cupboards with doors you could close so the stuff stored in them could be neatly tucked away. However, I also needed them to be visible, I need to be able to see what is inside of the cupboard without actually having to open it, so the doors need glass, or something see through in front of it. I think we agreed on some sort of mesh. Money was issued out and that was the last time I saw Jacob, Jacob who lives behind my house oh! Vanished into thin air, that was it, finished!

Trust me I looked for this boy, went as far as storming his workshop, where he so happened to have just stepped out! But with Accra being so small, one fateful day! Oh that fateful day!!! Can I ever forget? I am laughing now because putting the entire episode in retrospect, I definitely wasn’t thinking rationally.

So back to the incident, i saw Jacob walking at the side of the road, and I just exploded, my assistant was so shocked…I can see his face now and I cannot stop laughing. I mean this guy was trying to steal some of my plantain chips, and i was what, supposed to let it go? How? how is that proper management of Gods resources? I wasn’t going to allow it! Look! I screeched my car to a halt, and carelessly did a 360 turn, I cannot even begin to fathom the number of insults and curses that were shouted out at me that day, because if I was them and they were me I would have done the same! “Bustard!”

Then I began to chase after Jacob, I got close to him, stuck my head out of my window and then I shouted “Herh! Jacob!” Chalé this gentleman saw me and took off. Look I do not know where the adrenaline came from, or even the thought of it, but I screeched my car to a halt and jumped out. A whole me jumped out! Chalé I do not know where those superman skills came from but they came...And then, that adrenaline decided to trick me into thinking I could pull of a Ussain Bolt, so i began to ran after him, it was going well for about …a minute or so and then like joke I started suffocating, and then it hit me that I was fat and had to stop, my heart…Chalé my nose, eyes, teeth, my everything! The world was spinning! A very big roller coaster. But you see my assistant saw the struggle…the impending catastrophe, jumped into the drivers seat and came to my rescue because…you catch the drift. And that was the end of Jacob and my storage, well…not really because after some time Jacob sent me a friend request on Facebook! Who does that!

Those cupboards became such a sour topic for me and every time we needed to put stuff in storage I will get into this frenzy and just rain insults …maybe cursed Jacob! Hey…I am human ok…I also get to make mistakes. But eventually I decided to deal with this torn in my flesh, and release myself from this weight of unforgiveness, I decided to rise above the entire situation, got the storage made by somebody else, and the entire Jacob situation became a story we would laugh about every time storage came up. Let me just say my assistant also never let the Jacob story go, I had to live with that fewlishness for a very long time.

5 bags of plantain chips…who would have thought. That desire you have, God gave it to you, and that inadequacy you must be feeling, trust me God knows it. But you see despite all of this He still chose YOU!!! To fulfil that particular purpose, He is waiting for you to locate and present back to Him those 5 loaves of bread and 3 fish, so He can multiply it, magnify it and enable it to become that blessing the world is waiting for.

However, that magnification comes with a certain responsibility, a responsibility to properly manage that magnification and ensuring it goes as far as it is meant to go and that it makes the magnitude of impact that it is meant to make.

And that is how Nii’s Gourmet continued, as to how it started…y’all ain’t ready!!! That will require me going back in time a bit but then again why not!

Until the cock crows agian, keep enjoying your kelewele against your pure water, the sun, sunshine and sunflowers.

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