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A Meaningful Wednesday

Like any another Wednesday my alarm goes off at 3:00am, after a couple of snoozes I am out of bedand head straight to the kitchen to make myself a smoothie. Like any other Wednesday, I take my supplements, brush my teeth, pack my gym bag and dress up for the gym. Like any other Wednesday I amout the door by 3:45, i insert my AirPods, put on my favourite podcast, and begin my 15-minute uphill climb towards the bus stop, with the hopes of catching the 4:00am bus heading towards Streatham.


Like any other Wednesday i see bus 57 at the top of the hill, but this time the lights are on “Oh no! I think it’s about to take off!!!” I check my watch it’s 3:57, It’s taken me longer than usual, now that’s strange. Unlike every other Wednesday I break out into a run and make it just on time, I thank the driver and head to my usual seat. Like any other Wednesday, Uncle is on the bus gysting with somebody on loudspeaker, I open Instagram and go through saved videos, deciding on what shoulder exercises I will be doing today.


Like any other Wednesday, we get to my stop, I alert the driver and jump off. I get to the gym and it’s the usual faces, which is always reassuring. Like any other Wednesday, I begin my workout with some pull ups and dips, but I am really not feeling it. I try to push through but give up at a point, I try a couple of shoulder exercises, and yeah…not really feeling ittoday.


Unlike every other Wednesday, I decided to head back home, i head to the locker to grab my stuff. I decide against jumping on the bus and choose to trek home instead, now that can be my cardio for the day. Like every other Wednesday, I get ready, pack my work bag and head out the door. Making my way to the train station, i put on my air pod max and select my morning playlist, I jump on the train, find a seat and start a new blog post.


Like every other Wednesday I get to my station and jump off, i check my Apple Watch “I made it right on time”. I make it out of the station and begin my ten-minute walk to work. Unlike every other Wednesday, a metre away from my works entrance, as I go past the bust stop my chest tightens. I try to take a few more steps but I can’t, I bend over to try to catch my breath, but it seems like the more I try, the more difficult it gets.


This isn’t like any other Wednesday…

This is a heart attack…


I don’t know why but I am prepared for this, I immediately get into action. I make my way to work for there are a few things I need to do before I check myself into the hospital. I trudge in to work and try to sit out for a bit, hoping it will subside but instead things intensify “Maybe this wasn’t good idea, this will be the worst place to pass out”. I make my way out of work, at this point my legs are beginning to feel like jelly, I decide to sit on the curb and prop up my legs.

I open the Uber app and request a ride to the nearest hospital whiles I try to reach the ambulance service, thankfully a vehicle is one minute away. I jump inand we make our way to the nearest hospital, which is only a few minutes away. I am informed there isn’t an A&E and I am directed to the nearest. I request another Uber, thankfully it is the same driver, I jump in, and we make our way there.


By this point I realise I am beginning to lose the feeling in my left arm, I make my way in and describe what’s happening, they confirm it’s a heartattack and put me in a room immediately. In minutes I am surrounded by 5 people with all sorts ofmachines, and they keep repeating “Who did you come with?”, I keep telling them, “I came alone”, but I don’t think they believe me.


They then change the question to “Who is your emergency contact?” But all I could think about is,“He will be at work! Everyone’s at work, and I don’t want to be a bother”. I decided to reach out to three people, and I don’t know if it was adrenaline, but whatever it was is beginning to wear off and after a while everything becomes a blare.


In that moment I wast tempted, tempted to let it all happen. We just buried daddy, I just buried a marriage, and do not know how i am going to recover. With life throwing too many curve balls andwith me hoping and praying it all came to an end,this might be it, it wasn’t the end I was hoping for, but maybe this is what it is meant to be.


But I couldn't help thinking of Gabby and Asher, My mum, Mish, my village, my men...

I made a promise to stand by them and I have to fulfill that promise. Yes, indeed life has thrown me a lot of curve balls, notwithstanding I am thankful. I have to be! I am still standing! Nevertheless, aided by my crutch; my support systems, my family, my friends, my God, I am here…I am loved…I am still standing.


There were no glaring signs, but I do know that my slurred speech was pointed out a lot, the constant shocks I kept getting in my chest which the GP ruled out as anxiety. The not feeling great and ruling it off as tiredness and the “Not really feeling it”, at the gym are the signs I can think off.


A lot is a blur, but I do remember that Nurse Kelly stood by me and ensured the doctor kept attending to me, I know I was sent by Ambulance to another hospital, and I do know I kept hearing ICU. I know a Nurse Bridget received me, i know there was a bit of commotion, I know there was a lot of running around, I know they kept asking me to open my eyesand I know there was peace after the storm. I know at dawn, probably around the time my mother was praying my eyes popped open and all I could think about was how hungry I was.


I know Nurse Bridget walks up to me relieved and said, “You gave us a scare their young man!!!”


Life can be fleeting you know, in one breath it's just another Wednesday and in another it no longer is, in one breath you are on your way to work and in another you are in ICU. So, whatever it is, whoever it is whatever has been done or hasn’t been done, I promise you it's not that serious and it’s important only because you have made it so.


So, I guess the question here is Who are you prioritising? What are you prioritising? Is it your loved ones? Is it your experiences and the wonderfulmemory clouds you are building? Is it your dreams and aspirations? Are you prioritising yourself?


For you matter!!! You are needed for this dispensation and relevant for or this moment in time. For in that last moment all that matters is you.

The Sun…Sunshine and Sunflowers

Your Son

Chef Nii

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Rodney Hyde Longdon
Rodney Hyde Longdon

All I can say is that God is the portion of your inheritance, the cup that holds your lot. Indeed the lines have fallen to you in pleasant places. You have a goodly inheritance.

Chef Nii
Chef Nii

Amen my brother

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