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Almighty Kanzo!

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Chalé …you know you are not invisible right? I see you! It may seem as if you are just going through the motions with a lack of real experiences and no memories. It feels as if you are just existing and not really living … Well guess what? “We are in the same soup!”

On most days it feels as if people look at me, only to see right through me, and I just want to wave my hands, jump up and down and shout at the top of my lungs; loud enough for them to hear me “I am here!!! I know I have chicken feet!!! But look at me!!!

And on most days, I know I look homeless, with my beard and bushy hair or braids. Look past that and see me!!! It's not about my looks, it is about ME!!! Honestly, you may be tempted to judge me! But if you had hair like mine, which grows as if it's high on fertiliser, you will realise that “Haircuts ain’t beans!”

I would like you to look beyond the smile, (which is usually just a façade) and pay attention to my eyes, and I bet you they will tell you a different story, "A VERY DIFFERENT STORY". The smile, composure and illusion of perfection, all of that is just a front, a mask.

Most people will put on a mask; They will embody a whole persona and show you what they want you to see; they want you to believe everything is ok, but I bet you it’s not. So the next time we are sharing the same space, make it a point to look beneath the mask and persona, probe a little further, look beyond what you see and find out how the real me is doing.

As to why this is so, I do not know, but what I do know is, we were raised to believe that emotions equal weakness, thus we will rather internalize everything than to be perceived as weak! You either shut up and die, or cry out and be judged. "Choose ye this day!" I am literally hitting my chest now and shouting “Shegey!” (shay-gay) … Lots of people are going through a lot! And the sad thing is they are going through it alone! ALONE!

Until we chance upon that one person who is willing to remove that mask, somebody who cares beyond what they see, and understands that people go beyond surface interactions. This person is interested in our entirety and is indeed concerned about our entire well-being. I beg you, be that somebody!”

There is so much people are going through: failed expectations, stalled dreams, relationship issues, dealing with parents, stress from school and work, feeling unloved and unappreciated, teething problems with new businesses, mental health, rape, suicide, Ah Suicide! This topic eh! don't let me even start. Honestly, people are going through just so much! And it doesn’t help when people act as if we don’t exist, we are irrelevant or don’t matter. Somebody see us! And recognize us! I beg you, be that somebody!

All it takes is a “How are you doing?”, or an “Are you ok?” or even a “Hey! What’s going on with you? It doesn’t require much, sometimes it’s as simple as lending a listening ear, holding somebody’s hand and sitting with them as they go through a difficult time.

It’s as simple as a smile, a hug, a wink, and for the real gees, a fist bump and that gangster nod! It incapsulates "I SEE YOU!" in that one action. I beg you be that somebody.

For all the “invisibles”, know that you are not fleeting, minuscule, irrelevant or fermented Banku! You are almighty jollof Kanzo! And your encounters with people leave a lasting impression, your presence occupies such a large spectrum of this world.

Just like jollof you will always be relevant in this dispensation and you are definitely needed for this particular time … I SEE YOU!

Chalé until the cock crows again, keep eating your kelewele “against” your pure water.

The Sun, Sunshine

And sunflowers

Chef Nii

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