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Food Babies:

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Chalé! Food babies take at least 9 days to deliver! Nobody told me oh! Nobody told me! And I promise you food babies are a real thing! The scale confirmed it! My clothes confirm it! I am literally breaking out at the seams at the moment, that is definitely not sexy! And the number of times I have had to hold my breath entering a room because my stomach keeps going before me, even in the presence of my enemies!!! I just can’t deal Lord!!!

I mean…there has been a lot of rolling out of bed these last couple of days , that ain’t cute! Two weeks of promiscuity…because of some small cheating this is my punishment? I mean at some point I am going to have to crawl back…can I even crawl? Ha! … ok so I am going to have to roll back into the loving arms of GYM and take as many burpees as he gives me…Oh God! Burpees!!!

Last year was …hard….if there was an expression beyond hard, that could not even begin to encapsulate the kind of year I had, but God! Despite all that happened i am still here, and I am not just here…but I am still standing.

I might be standing in the same position I was standing in last year but I am on a different continent. Clutching my side in distress from the number of times pay cuts and pay holds and overdrafts and bank alerts and payment declines went for my side over and over again…but I am still standing.

My health going for my legs, with no mercy, no compassion for my chicken feet, bringing me to my knees with scares, diagnosis and tests, meds yet no end in sight, ushering me unto an unknown path…a coerced awakening, a new beginning with nothing other than loads of questions…but I am still standing.

With a black eye, eye lids split, mouth burst, clothes scarlet from the culminating blow, from the number of times my livelihood went for my head over and over again, uttering fables of my inadequacy, my incompetence, my inferiority until I succumbed and toppled over…but I am still standing.

Notwithstanding, I am thankful. I have to be! I am still standing! Nevertheless aided by my crutch, my support systems, my family, my friends my God, I am here…still standing.

A good or bad year always does sort of come to some kind of end. The Holiday Season shows up and the snags and quandary of that year magically disappears and all of a sudden you find yourself in this Happy place…still standing.

At least for two weeks you are…happy, happy to have arrived at the end of that odious year. It’s so weird how on the last day of the last month of the year, as the year draws to a close, it feels as if the life before is running its course and a new day beckons…still standing

This new day typically comes with tasks we typically call resolutions that are hardly ever met, let’s be honest! There is this inclination to make promises and set goal posts that are so far away, even one of the GOATs in football could never. So we end up shifting the goal posts until, I mean some of the items on your list have been there for the last ten years, maybe we need to rethink this whole thing…still standing.

So this year, let’s resolve to do things differently, let’s have an usual reaction to situations instead of going with our typical responses to those situations. Lets resolve to make lifestyle changes, being a bit more conscious of what we put into our beautiful bodies, you know what? For once just read the label, and know this; you do not have to finish an entire bag of biscuits…today is not your last day on earth, there is always tomorrow to eat some more, and the day after that to maybe finish it, and then you can buy some more.

But most importantly, let’s resolve to give better, and only accept better for we are so worth it. Keep standing.

Until the cock crows again, keep enjoying your kelewele against your pure water. The Sun, shine and sunflowers.

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1 Comment

Boadi Justice
Boadi Justice
Nov 14, 2022

We need more cooking videos of you chef

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