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Fragrant Village Rice

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Chalé I am sitting on this train and once again, I am putting my life in perspective which is something I do a lot. I can already tell that it is going to be one of those emotional ones, “Them ones!!!” God has indeed been good you know?! It seems as if we have been on this journey for such a long time! Long!!! Retire me Lord!!! On some days I just want to “Stop! Collaborate and listen!” Jokes!!! There have been lots of tears! Buckets full of them! Loads of panic attacks! Yet many accomplishments! This thing called life!

All of us were formed differently, each with a unique purpose. However, some of us have been called! We have been destined to be pacesetters, to charter an unknown path. To be the first ones in our families and circles to move in a particular direction and tread new waters. With no yardstick to aid us measure our progress and success and no one to look up to! No guidance! No formal training! I started this journey with nothing other than big dreams, passion, the will and ability to learn on the job and most of all the burden to succeed. 

This path is lonely I tell you! Because nobody gets it! Not even you! On most days all I had were questions - lots of questions! I was questioning everything! Yet I was expected to provide answers to questions and concerns from these very “concerned people”, “concerned parents”, family, friends, acquaintances...the entire world is concerned for you!  Yet nobody has answers!

You know what you want to achieve yet you don’t know how to! All you know is that you have this dream inside of you that must burst forth, else life will be meaningless! 

On some days this dream feels so tangible you can almost touch it! But on most days, it feels as if you are chasing the wind and everything you thought you had a firm grip of is literally slipping through your fingers. You feel as if you need to hold on firmly else you will lose everything, but the question is, “Hold on to what?” “What at all is this?” “Why me?” “I just want to be normal Lord!!!”

But I tell you! The people you have around you are everything! On days when I feel like I am losing it, they hold me! On days when I can’t keep it together, they hold me! On days when I am so broken, and I literally can’t get out of bed they hold me! On days when my sentences aren’t logical because I am finding it difficult to communicate how I am feeling, they hold me! 

An amazing group of people, whose sole aim is to ensure that I succeed, and die empty. I am because of them. My human routers; my personal hotspots who get me back on track when I have lost signal. My reality checkers, my personal people, my foundation - MY VILLAGE!

I have always said that I cannot fail - not from a place of arrogance - but from a place of confidence in the fact that many are encouraging, pushing and believing, but most importantly praying. I cannot fail because I have got an entire village of people standing behind me.

Yes! On some days it feels as if I am carrying such a load and I just want to sit on the floor! But on most days, this is actually what gets me going you know, “I need to keep pushing! I need to keep going!” Dreams are tied to mine and it isn’t just about me anymore. And on days when I miss my step - which are a lot - I know for a fact that I won’t land on the floor, but rather on a cushion of people.

So now I will ask you to put your life in perspective and think about the people you have around you. What do you have in your pot? Do you find yourself in a pot surrounded by tasteless and colourless soup? Or do you find yourself in a pot surrounded by very fragrant and scrumptious village rice?


Chalé until the cock crows again, keep eating your kelewele “against” your pure water .

The Sun, Sunshine

And sunflowers

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Chef Nii
Chef Nii
Aug 12, 2020

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.


Aug 10, 2020

Awesome read....excellent

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