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Happy Heavenly Fathers Day

I thought today will be the perfect  time to catch up. I aimed to post this on Father’s Day, but I overdosed on Waakye and it knocked me out!!! But, the good thing is, in Heaven you are not bounded by times and seasons. So, “Hey!!! It’s me and it’s Fathers Day!!!”

It’s your first Heavenly Father’s Day, and even though you don’t like to make a fuss about it, I want to. With it being your first I think it’s only right that we celebrate it. Did you get to eat lots of chocolate cake and drink lots of coffee? I must say, I am quite intrigued to see which angel is busily making you your favourite for lunch , Kenkey and Shito, as for fish I am sure there must be loads.

I can imagine you staring at my trousers shocked. Yes! Yes!!! I am in wide legged, baggy pants. Your style is back in fashion!!! Wide legged pants, oversized shirts, wearing a belt, tacking in properly and wearing your trousers high up, high waisted trousers, it’s all back, hence my outfit today. I am quite intrigued to know what you think of my crop top though. Oh!!! But it is…you just need to look properly.

The first is hard, then it gets easy they say. But yesterday wasn’t hard, it wasn’t easy, it just was, it was an inevitable experience I couldn’t wish or pray away so I resolved to embracing it. Loads of memory clouds gathered, they got so heavy they fell encased in raindrops that broke past my eyelids and I had to catch them with my hands. But, there were many smiles, for there were loads that reminded me of you too.

I woke up smiling, I couldn’t help but imagine you walking around the house, belting your hymns whiles you got ready for Church, your usual Sunday ritual. The choir singing your favourite hymns back to back like you had given them a list was funny. I tried to sing but couldn’t, all I could do was smile, imagining you standing in their midst singing the loudest. At some point all I could think of was how unfair it is that you get to see us but we don’t.

It is nice to hear people talk about you and how much you were worried about me. Of how, everytime I sent a package home, you will sit with them for hours,  questioning them, wanting to know if I am really doing ok, brings a smile to my face. “So, He actually cared about me… He was worried about me…He loved me!!!”

So, to reassure you, I am better now, I promise you I am not that sad anymore. It’s been a difficult year, but every time life throws a curve ball that’s so heavy the weight of it begins to crash me, I remember our final conversation, “ Dont allow people to make decisions for you, you make them  and stand by them. If they turn out to be mistakes, at least you know they are your mistake. You cannot please everybody, you have got to have a mind of your own. But, most importantly when people hurt or disappoint you, forgive them. Let it go and don’t hold it against them. Don’t allow anyone to change you.”

These words have been a warm blanket these last couple of months. They have reassured me and brought a smile to my face. They have encouraged me,  and given me the will and the drive to keep going. They make me want to be a better friend, a better brother, a better colleague and an even better son. I wished mummy Happy Father’s Day and it made her laugh, we both laughed, for even though it seemed silly we both understood. She is mummy and daddy now, and I must say, she’s carrying both of them very well, you will be proud of her.

Until we meet again…

Happy Heavenly Father’s Day Daddy!!!

The Sun,


And Sunflowers

Your Son

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Rodney Hyde Longdon
Rodney Hyde Longdon
23 Haz

A beautiful trubute. It is well.

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