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“Kelewele Flavoured Chocolate"

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Chalé, “THEY Said!”, “What will THEY think!”, “What will THEY say!”, “THEY will talk!”. THEY! THEY!! THEY!!! Now who at all is this “THEY”? Clearly, this person likes to talk about everyone; has an opinion about everything and is just not satisfied with anything. Look! Show me who “THEY” is “Me den am get fight!”. Where muscles are lacking, there is another extremely powerful tool; I will beat this person with my mouth … flawless victory!

Be very accommodating and welcoming to everyone, smile a lot, THEY will call you “Fake!”, yet when you are reserved and quiet, THEY will call you “Too Known!”. Show concern and interest in their well-being, THEY will call you “Konkonsa” (co-con-sah); nosy, yet when you keep to yourself and try to stay out of other people’s issues, THEY will call you “Selfish”. So, what at all does ‘THEY’ want? Do I even know! And what at all do you do about it? My answer is “NOTHING!!!”

Wait oh! But you sef, who do you think you are? Are you jollof rice? Are you Plantain? So, what makes you think you can please everyone? Living to please others means you are living life in a box and this will suffocate you and leave you with many regrets. You were made to fly, so spread your wings and fly, don’t walk on the ground because “THEY” will see you flying and think you are a show-off. My friend, that is their problem, and they can bounce off like a tennis ball.

Words do stay with you for a long time you know; however, people just talk by heart! They say things so carelessly under the “I am freeing my mind” or “It is my opinion” tag and expect you to deal with it just like that! Don’t worry, in such situations, just imagine a big bottle of Kubé (coo-bey) Cake (a local Ghanaian sweet made from desiccated coconut), and repeat after me …

“I AM A COCOUNT TREE! THE SOURCE OF THIS MOUTH-WATERING GOODNESS!” SAY IT! We plant coconut trees at the beach because they can stand the strong winds. Strong winds can bend a coconut tree till the point where it is literally touching its toes, yet it will never break.

Yes! some of the things said are so painful, they are heavy and can bend you, but don’t let it ever break you! Because I promise you; You, are strong! You are valuable! One of a Kind! The only kelewele flavored chocolate available, recognize it and use it. Don’t just exist oh! Spoil there! Live! Be your authentic tangible self! Of course, it will upset some, yet it will encourage many, the right people will love that about you.

Now for those of you that have opinions and forever have to ‘tell your truth’, hear me oh! Hear me! Certain things that you have said cannot be taken back, you can apologize but the scars may linger on for a long time. Now imagine a door, and every hurtful or careless word you have used being a nail that is hammered into that door. An apology is equivalent to the nail being pulled out, but guess what, the door will still have holes, scars that can ruin that individual if they are not dealt with.

I am honestly not against opinions; I encourage you to speak your mind, you know, voice out your concerns, before you explode like one of those case 5 footballs from China, and then we have to be asking ourselves “Ah! Since when did this one too start smoking?”; if you have an opinion let’s hear it, after all two heads are better than one, or? … I am just allergic to opinions that come from the stomach! If it’s not from the heart … I beg! I beg!

Also, every opinion isn’t always a personal attack. Ah! But you too!!! Yes, I know we do have some bitter people in this world, who want to project their insecurities … them ones. But its usually one of three points; they have either got it wrong and you need to correct that, what they are saying is true and you need to change, or that is how they honestly feel. Now with that, you can only try to convince them otherwise. If they want still want to remain in their feelings, my friend pour cold water on them so they will feel cold too, at least that is a real feeling.

Whether it concerns them or not, people will always have opinions about everything, and that is just what they are “Opinions’. I believe you must be respectful and humble enough to listen; for listening is such a wonderful attribute, you learn so much by listening. Yet, you are your own Banku! And your choice of soup is nobody’s business, for your tongue is in your own coconut. You are not obligated to go by anything, it’s your life to live and it’s your consequences you have to deal with, so choose wisely, but bear in mind that “There is a God!”

So, ask yourself, at the end of the day “Will I be able to swallow my Banku in peace?” or “Will I be smelling pepper?

Chalé until the cock crows again, keep eating your kelewele “against” your pure water.

The Sun, Sunshine

And sunflowers

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Chef Nii
Chef Nii
Jul 14, 2020

Indeed you are!!!


Jul 13, 2020

Love love what I just learnt about coconut trees. I am a coconut tree!


Chef Nii
Chef Nii
Jun 15, 2020

Thank you!!! Trying to touch on subjects or issues that I face daily, hopefully others can relate and connect


Jun 15, 2020

This is the one people will never forget, truly uplifting for us to voice our opinion but to keep in mind our voice can be the tool to cause destruction. Loving your blogs keep up the good work :)


Chef Nii
Chef Nii
Jun 15, 2020

Like!!! And who is “They??”

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